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Top 10 Cheap Survival Gears

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Today, we have something exciting in store for all the survival enthusiasts. We know that being prepared for any situation is crucial. So, we are going to explore the essential survival gears you can find at your local Walmart. Walmart is a store with huge collection of survival gears, as a result, it could be exhausting to choose your best fit. We have got your back and we are going to cover some top survival gears that are worth your money. Walmart offers a wide range of products to choose from but it can be challenging to determine which items are worth the investment. So, today we are going to provide you with Top 10 survival gear that you can buy from Walmart and that will not be a waste of your money! Whether you are an avid outdoors enthusiast, a prepper, or simply looking to be prepared for emergencies, these items are must-haves for any survival kit.

Zippo Emergency Fire Kit

Zippo Emergency Fire Kit is a compact and essential tool for survival. To serve your need for fire, the kit includes a Zippo Flint spark wheel and five lightweight paraffin wax coated spark tinder, making it easy to start a fire in any weather condition. Its lightweight paraffin wax coated spark tinders ignite with a spark or fling providing a long lasting fire for you to cook your meal and warm yourself. Furthermore, it’s got a rugged ABS plastic construction and ergonomic design with textured grip which makes this fire kit not only durable but also easy to use even in wet conditions. Another amazing feature is this fire kit floats in water and the O-ring seal and molded lanyard hull keeps the flint wheel ignition and tender dry. So, you can always count on it to start a fire when you need it most. Weighing just a little over an ounce this compact fire-starter kit is a must have in any emergency preparedness kit or outdoor adventure.

Boost Oxygen Natural

Here’s the Boost Oxygen natural, a lifesaver in emergency situations where access to oxygen might be limited. This pocket-sized canister provides 61 second inhalations of pure all-natural oxygen, making it an essential tool for life-threatening emergencies. Whether you’re a survivalist or just someone who wants to be prepared, the boost oxygen natural is the perfect addition to your backpack. With its lightweight design and convenient size, you can carry it with you wherever you go and be ready for any situation. This portable oxygen supply is a non-prescription form of supplemental oxygen providing respiratory support in situations where you need it the most. So, whether you’re dealing with a suffocating situation or simply need a quick boost the boost oxygen natural has got you for breathing.

5.11 Rush24

Next, this 5.11 Rush24 is a backpack that is designed for the most challenging outdoor adventures and survival situations. It boasts a military-inspired design with the signature center line making it a versatile and durable choice for survivalists. The backpack features a front lower pocket with internal slip and zippered pockets and an admin organizer to store all your essentials. Additionally, the dual top zippered pockets, an external front, making it easy to access your supply. Furthermore, it has a hidden compartment and a rear hydration compartment to help keep you hydrated. The backpack is made from high strength water repellent 1000d nylon and has a contoured yolk shoulder strap system to make it comfortable to wear.


Mymedic MYFAK LARGE is a comprehensive and versatile emergency medical kit. Designed for survival in any situation with its durable construction and clever features. The Mymedic MYFAK LARGE is the ideal first aid kit for those who want to be prepared for any emergency. The clamshell design allows for easy access to all of the supplies while the removable mesh pockets provide additional storage for essential items. Additionally, the front mole panel makes it easy to add any additional items you may need. The two back straps ensure that the Mymedic MYFAK can be secured in your car or on your bike. The back panel allows for quick removal in emergency situations. The shoulder strap and grab handle make it easy to carry the Mymedic MYFAK with you on the go.

Go Time Gear Life Tent

Go Time Gear Life Tent is a life-saving tool for any outdoor adventurer or survivalist. Its compact design at just 8.7 ounces makes it an easy addition to any backpack or survival kit. The tent is made of tear and puncture resistant pet mylar that can withstand wind, rain and snow. While the interior reflects 90 of your body heat ensuring you stay warm and dry in any emergency. Setting up the tent is a breeze and it can be secured between trees or used as a sleeping bag blanket. In an emergency situation the life tent also comes with a 120 decibel whistle and 20 feet of paracord.

Nitecore NU25 UL

Nitecore NU25 UL is the ultralight headlamp that’s always ready for an adventure. Designed with survival in mind, this headlamp packs a punch with its 400 Lumen maximum brightness. Gone are the days of heavy troublesome headlamps weighing you down. The Nitecore NU25 UL is a game changer with its innovative paracord headband allowing you to carry a bright light source with ease and comfort. Whether you’re setting up camp in the great outdoors or navigating through a dark cave, the Nitecore NU25 UL has got you covered with its triple output versatility. Including a combined spotlight and floodlight mode, a spotlight mode, and dual auxiliary red LED, it’s the perfect tool for any survival situation.

ACLIM8 Combar FoldaXe Pro Elite

The ACLIM8 Combar FoldaXe Pro Elite, a compact and versatile survival multi-tool designed for outdoor enthusiasts and emergency preparedness. It’s Unique and unbreakable design boasts a body made of premium glass enforced polymer and an over molded head. Ensuring the strongest and safest connection between the handle and the tool head. The textured ergonomic handle offers an exceptional grip, making it possible to handle the hatchet or hammer with precision and power regardless of the task at hand. The hatchet blade is compact, made of hardened razor-sharp stainless steel and capable of chopping campfire starters and trimming small branches with ease. The innovative and patented design allows the blade to fold into the handle for safe and convenient storage. Making the ACLIM8 Combar FoldaXe Pro Elite a must-have for any Outdoor Adventure or emergency situation.

Gerber Downwind

Gerber Downwind is a fixed blade knife designed specifically for survival situations in hunting. It combines traditional styling with modern materials to provide a top-notch survival experience. The drop point blade is made of seven cr17 m-o-v stainless steel. Ensuring durability and strength for even the toughest tasks. Meanwhile, its handle is constructed from grippy layered G10 material. Making it efficient to use even when wet. The knife comes with a waxed canvas sheath, allowing for easy storage and carrying on any outdoor activities or emergency preparedness kit. With a weight of just 4.59 ounces the Gerber Downwind is a lightweight and reliable option for any survival situation.


The LEATHERMAN Signal is a must-have tool for outdoor enthusiasts, campers and survivalists. With its hammer feature you can easily anchor tent stakes and secure your shelter in any weather condition. Its 19 tools include pliers, wire, cutters, a saw, and a can opener, making it perfect for repairing gear and hardware in the field. The scratch resistant DLC diamond-like coating adds durability and longevity to the tool ensuring it will last for years to come. Its handle is made of stainless steel while the blade is made from 420 HC stainless steel and has a DLC coating for added protection.

Hyper Whistle

Hyper Whistle is more than just an ordinary whistle. It is a life-saving tool designed for emergency survival situations. With an impressive 142 decibel sound output, it can be heard from a distance of more than two miles, making it an Ideal tool for signaling. The range of this whistle is eight times the range of a standard sports whistle. This whistle is constructed from antimicrobial composite material making it all weather ready and able to withstand the toughest condition. The tri-frequency design is what sets the whistle apart as it combines three highly rated whistles into one compact unit. Not only is it loud but it is also convenient to carry. The whistle comes with reusable hearing protectors and the easy clip neck lanyard allows you to wear it around your neck for quick access. The hyper whistle is also naturally buoyant which means that it will float in water making it an essential tool for survival.

From reliable sleeping bags to versatile multi-tools and emergency kits, we covered everything worth buying for your next adventure from Walmart. If you enjoyed the reading then share it in your social media.