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Next Level Survival Tools

Next Level Survival Tools: Every Adventurer Should Have

Survival tools and equipment—they’re like the unsung heroes of an adventurer’s journey. Lifelines are super important when you’re out exploring the great outdoors. They can literally be the difference between a successful trip and a dangerous one. Survival tools and equipment are super handy because they help you deal with all sorts of unexpected challenges. You’ve got things like first aid kits and communication devices that can really come in handy when you need them.

The best survival tools are pretty cool because they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. You’ve got multi-tools that can do a bunch of different things, and then you’ve got these little gadgets that you can easily carry around with you. It’s pretty neat! It’s really comforting to know that you have all the right survival tools with you. Come join us on this journey! Make sure you don’t miss out on this important guide that covers all the survival tools list you’ll need as a brave adventurer like yourself.

Next-Level Survival Tools List:

  • Atax Survival Tool
  • Lifestraw Flex
  • Camillus Carnivore X
  • Gerber Stake Out
  • VSSL Flask
  • EST Gear Survival Shovel

Welcome to our post! We’re about to dive into the awesome world of cutting-edge survival tools. In this chapter, we’re super excited to share the amazing lineup of next-level gear that will absolutely blow your mind. Get ready to be amazed! Come join us as we explore the awesome benefits and unique features of each incredible tool. We’ll help you get ready for your next adventure like a total pro!

Atax Survival Tool

Have you heard about the TOPS ATAX? It’s actually a really cool survival tool created by Ron Hood. It’s designed to be super sturdy and reliable. It can actually be used as an axe or even as a Ulu knife, which is a traditional skinning knife from the Inuit culture. In addition to those functions, it also has a bunch of handy tools and instruments. You can use it to pull out nails, tighten shackle wrenches, and even estimate distances.. Oh, you can totally use this as a sundial, which means it can also work as a clock. Plus, it’s handy for measuring angles of inclination too. There’s actually a recess just above the handle that helps guide a bow drill. So, on the side, there’s actually a groove that you can use to bend wire fences or barbed wire.
The blade is actually made from 1095 carbon steel. It’s a non-stainless steel, but it’s really tough and won’t easily break. The black traction coating is really helpful because it prevents both rust and annoying reflections. The handle is actually made from Micarta, which is a really awesome material for handles. It’s great because it gives you a lot of grip, no matter if your hands are dry, or wet, or even if you’re wearing gloves.

Lifestraw Flex

Next up, is the Lifestraw Flex. It’s this really cool backcountry water filter that you can screw onto different soda-sized water bottles and reservoirs. It’s super convenient and compatible with a wide range of containers. It comes with a 22 oz soft-bottle, but you can also attach it to regular soda bottles, Platypus, or Evernew reservoirs, or even use it with a hose-based hydration system. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even use it as a handheld filter to drink directly from a stream, although you might have to crawl on your belly for that. The Flex is a really cool water filter for when you’re out in the backcountry! It has two stages and does an awesome job of filtering out bacteria and parasites. Plus, if you want, you can add this activated carbon capsule to reduce chlorine, odors, organic chemical matter, and those yucky bad tastes. It’s definitely a handy tool to have! You can use it with the soft bottle that comes with it, regular soda bottles, or even connect it in line with other reservoirs for a gravity-filter setup. Yeah, the flow is really fast and the filter is super easy to clean! Oh, you don’t have to use an activated carbon capsule if you don’t feel like it. You can actually take it off the cap and put the unit back together without it.

Camillus Carnivore X

The Camillus Carnivore is a cool tool that combines the features of a big machete-like blade and a versatile survival knife. It’s like having two tools in one, but remember to use it within its limits. This awesome blade has so many cool tools! It’s got a long sharp edge, a gut hook/cord cutter, a blade end that’s kind of like a tanto, a serrated saw section, and even a prybar tip. The Carnivore’s grip is made of tough plastic and has an exposed tail section. This design allows for precise pounding, as the force is concentrated solely on the blade.

Gerber Stake Out

Do you think there isn’t a perfect multitool out there for everyday campers? Hmm, maybe you should reconsider. Have you heard about Gerber Gear’s latest product, the Stake Out? It’s a super cool camping tool that comes with a bunch of other awesome features too! It’s got 11 distinct instruments all packed into one tight tool. It’s ideal for travelers who camp, RVers, Overlanders, or even for those overnight excursions on your bike. It’s also great to have in a bug-out bag. The tools they provide are perfect for a campsite – they have every detail you’re looking for and nothing you don’t. The tool is actually pretty portable, weighing only 3.32 oz. It’s great because it has an integrated carabiner, so you can easily access it without additionally having to search through your pocket.

VSSL Flask

The VSSL Flask is like a smartphone, but way more fun and way less annoying. Back in the day, smartphones broke free from the shackles of cables and let us make calls on the go. But now, they’ve evolved into something way cooler than just a fancy phone. The VSSL Flask is like a multitasking superstar! Not only can it hold your favorite liquids, but it also comes with a fancy 4-mode LED flashlight, a super accurate compass, two collapsible stainless steel shot glasses, and even a cast-aluminum bottle opener. It’s not your average flask, that’s for sure! The flask’s interior chamber is like a fortress, lined with shatterproof, non-permeable glass. No need to worry about your liquid’s taste invading its space. It’s a taste-free zone. This nifty gadget ensures your drink stays perfectly chilled or piping hot, regardless of the weather. Have someone on a hike who’s always prepared with bottle openers and flashlights? Now that’s what I call a trail MVP!

EST Gear Survival Shovel

Last but not least, look at this foldable shovel, strutting its stuff at three feet long and a mere three pounds. Talk about compact and lightweight? We’ve got ourselves a shovel that means business! With a head made from reinforced hardened steel and a handle crafted from military-grade aluminum, this bad boy is ready to tackle any digging task with style and strength. Perfect for stashing in your car or your trusty bug-out bag. This nifty gadget boasts a six-inch shovelhead that, when assembled, doesn’t quite resemble your typical entrenching tool. It’s got a whole bunch of tools packed in, and they’re all top-notch survival gear. Talk about being prepared for anything. We’re talking about a saw, mini saw, camping axe, knife, hunting spear, bottle opener, firestarter, hoe, survival shovel, hexagon wrenches (x4), ruler, screwdriver, whistle, compass, and rope cutter. They’re ready for anything, all snugly packed away in a ripstop nylon sheath. And to top it off, there’s a nylon carrying strap for easy transportation. Such a clever innovation, don’t you think?

And there you have it, adventurers of all kinds! A glimpse into the world of next-level survival tools, each with its unique blend of innovation and charm. The perfect tool is the one that resonates with your adventure style! Which one would you choose to elevate your adventure game? If you enjoyed reading this post and found helpful, don’t forget to bookmark our website and share it in social media. Until next time, gear up, stay safe, and keep exploring the unknown with your trusty next-level survival tools!