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Survival Machete

Best Survival Machete Review

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Survive and Thrive With This Survival Machete

Here’s the reality. When crap hits the fan, you need a multipurpose tool that can assist you with a variety of tasks. 

A survival machete is one multitasking instrument that checks all the requirements.

What can you do with it?

Quite a bit! Consider bushwhacking, woodchopping, shelter construction, digging, and even self-defense. The truth is that the list could go on and on.

There’s no need to be concerned if you need help determining where to begin your search for the greatest machete.

We examined the top alternatives and selected five of the finest survival machetes for you.

So let’s get started.

Top 10 Survival Machete Picks

Overall, the best survival machete

CRKT Halfachance Fixed Blade Parang Machete

Cold Steel Kukri Machete

The Halfachance is an excellent choice if you need a brutal machete to hack through dense foliage. Its big 14-inch blade length is ideal for various survival tasks in any terrain.

Ken Onion also designed it. He is recognized as one of the most successful knife designers for his creative concepts.

Are you still not convinced? 

Let’s go into the specifics.

To begin with, the blade is made of 65Mn carbon steel, which is quite robust. Furthermore, it is powder-coated. 

Granted, the coating will not endure forever, but long-term consumers were pleased with the results.

The design assures the proper amount of weight in the blade’s head. Consequently, it’s efficient in cutting through heavier branches and timber. The simple blade has a razor-sharp edge. Excellent for cutting and hacking.

It’s on the lighter side, weighing just more than a pound. However, the total length is enough to create the appropriate amount of power with each swing.

To top it all off, the rubberized handle is long-lasting and provides a secure and pleasant grip. It has a textured surface to avoid sliding. There are five holes for attaching a lanyard for extra security. The package also comes with a paracord lanyard.

Finally, the sheath is composed of reinforced nylon and fits snugly. The blade is firmly locked with three safety clicks. A belt loop is also included on the rear for convenient carrying.

Regarding drawbacks, the 0.10-inch blade thickness is on the low side. A thicker blade would have increased its versatility.

However, the sheath’s attaching mechanism could have been better. The snaps could have been more sturdy.

Last but not least, a few users noticed minor blade chipping. While we did not encounter such difficulties throughout our testing, it is something to watch for. The good news is that a limited lifetime guarantee covers material and workmanship problems.

The CRKT Halfachance is the greatest machete for survival and bushcraft. It provides an excellent balance of performance and ergonomics. It is not intended for precision chipping. It is also not suitable for heavy-duty cutting. However, it finds the perfect balance between the two extremes. You may rely on this blade when you need an effective blade to cut your route or dig your way out.

Best Camping Knife

Ka Bar Kukri Machete

Anyone searching for a strong workhorse machete will find this Ka Bar offering an excellent option.

It’s a little tool with a well-made 1085 carbon blade that is ideal for hacking and chopping. The blade is very durable and will not flex even when subjected to extreme force.

The 11.5-inch blade isn’t the longest, but it’s enough as a hatchet or small ax. The blade is also readily sharpenable.

Indeed, many long-term users have said this machete is constructed like a tank.

Despite having a kukri design, the blade has a tiny bend. This makes it easier to push or slice with the machete. This is an excellent tool for clearing a campsite as well as cutting wood.

With a weight of 1.7 pounds, the blade is nicely balanced and enables quick chopping. The steel also keeps its edge well and is not easily damaged.

Ka Bar has incorporated a thermoplastic elastomer handle for a secure grip. It has outstanding ergonomics for both big and small hands. The handle’s sturdy construction also efficiently absorbs shocks.

The heavy-duty style of the black leather and Cordura sheath looks excellent. However, long-term durability may be a concern.

A word of caution: although the 1085 carbon blade is exceptionally durable, it is not the most corrosion resistant. Make sure to pay close attention to it after each usage.

If you spend a lot of time in the bush, this Ka-Bar Kukri machete is an excellent instrument that will not let you down. They said it’s a perfect option for both campers and survivalists.

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Best Survival Machete with Fire Starter

ust ParaCuda FS Machete

To begin with, it just has kept the ParaCuda basic. It’s a well-crafted machete with a paracord grip. The blade is flexible yet strong enough to perform the problematic duties that any survival circumstance may need.

We weren’t anticipating top-tier material quality for the price. However, the entire tang steel blade has a black oxide covering and feels substantial. The saw blade design is an additional benefit. Furthermore, the sharp tip makes it an excellent option for self-defense.

Essentially, it is not intended for intricate cutting. However, the 11-inch straight-edge blade has enough weight at the upper end to make forceful strokes. The edge is razor sharp, so shrubs and tiny branches have no chance.

It’s one of the lightest survival machetes available, only 10.4 ounces. Even continual hitting movement for removing bush will not tire you out.

The handle is wrapped in a 9-foot-long paracord. This may be useful in an emergency. A magnesium fire starter is also supplied, which is a valuable feature.

The paracord also gives the handle a good grip. Slippage is not a concern in this case. There is a lanyard hole for further security. In emergencies, the magnesium fire starter is adequate. 

Is there anything else?

The nylon sheath is tough enough to withstand severe outdoor conditions. The retention mechanism properly secures the blade.

Finally, this is the most affordable survival machete with a fire starter.

Let me state it clearly…

The paracord handle could be more comfortable. Heavy tasks cause the paracord to move, and the bulges in the handle could be more ergonomic.

We recommend that you use gloves while working with this machete.

Please keep in mind that this is not a heavy-duty blade. We weren’t anticipating that at this price point. Unfortunately, ust does not provide the actual material specification of the blade.

Furthermore, the nylon sheath is excessively tight. As a result, getting the machete needs some work.

The ParaCuda is an excellent choice for your bug-out bag. It’s not the most strong slasher in this genre, to be sure. However, it is a low-cost, entry-level survival machete with a fire starter.

It’s an excellent pick if you’re searching for something simple to help you in a pinch.

Best Machete Survival Knife

Kershaw Camp 10 – Tan Machete

Kershaw Camp 10 – Tan Machete

When you hold the Kershaw Camp 10, you’ll realize how well-made it is. The use of medium-high carbon steel guarantees excellent hardness and toughness. The entire tang blade is also powder-coated. This significantly enhances corrosion resistance.

Furthermore, the black finish lowers the metal glare. This is advantageous if you need to stay concealed in a crucial scenario.

It has a drop point and a full tang. What does this imply?

The whole machete is composed of a single piece of metal. This increases the overall strength and durability.

Furthermore, the tip is relatively wide. This allows you to create enough force for cutting, slicing, or hacking. We would have preferred a sturdier blade for heavier branches and bushes. 

The machete is finely balanced, with a 10-inch blade and one-pound weight. It has just enough bulk to take on a broad range of duties.

The blade is simple, as you can see. This makes it more adaptable and makes field sharpening much simpler.

What about the grip?

The nylon structure, with a checkered-texture rubber layer on top, is comfortable to hold. You may be sure sweat or water will not cause this handle to slide from your grasp.

Furthermore, tiny bulges on the handle body offer a secure grip. For further security, there are two extended finger guards.

The sheath is then composed of glass-filled nylon. Said it’s a low-cost, almost unbreakable substance. For carrying the machete, there are loops with velcro straps.

Regarding price and performance, the Kershaw Camp 10 represents excellent value in every way.

While we loved the blade, we weren’t crazy with the sheath. While the thermoplastic material is durable, it has a cheap appearance and feel. The general fit of the blade could be more secure.

This tool’s 10-inch blade length positions it between a bowie knife and a machete. However, this may be short if you want a typical survival machete.

Remember that the powder coating will wear off over time. That is one problem you cannot escape.

Camp 10 is a strong candidate for the most incredible survival machete knife. It’s an excellent survival weapon with a strong blade and a super-grippy handle for chopping, slicing, and digging in any problematic scenario. Overall, it’s a superb multitasking tool for your bug-out pack.

Best Survival Machete Kit

Schrade SCHKM1 Kukri Machete

Schrade SCHKM1 Kukri Machete

The first thing we noticed about this machete was the robust quality of the keen blade. It is made of high-quality stainless steel and has a black powder coating for further durability. It also has a frightening appearance.

It’s called after a traditional Nepalese knife with an inward bend.

On the blade, seven “speed holes” are labeled as such. It lightens the weight of the machete while still looking nice. Remember that the curved blade is razor-sharp. Perfect for dealing with things when things become rough.

Following that, the 13.3-inch machete blade with a drop point makes it excellent for heavy usage, with perfect chopping and cutting performance. The substantial construction also contributes to enough hitting power for cutting logs. It’s also ideal for shaping and shaving wooden sticks. 

What else is there?

We liked the ergonomic and sturdy handle. The grip is pleasant, and the balance is excellent, thanks to the vast palm swell. This helps you to communicate a powerful message with more ease. A lanyard hole is an added safety feature.

The polyester sheath has twin-leg straps as well as a belt loop. You have a lot of carrying alternatives with the lengthy strap. The stitching is single-layered yet strong. A quillon clasp keeps the blade from sliding away, particularly in rainy weather.

It also comes with a ferro rod and a sharpening stone, making it a full machete survival kit. The Ferro rod is of high quality. It is a great way to ignite a fire in any emergency circumstance.

First and foremost, even though the blade seems sturdy, there is no statement of its thickness. On the other hand, stainless steel is a better material for long-term edge retention. It’s also not a light choice.

This leads us to the following topic: blade sharpening. The blade is constructed of stainless steel and has an inward curvature. Pointing it with the provided tool might be difficult.

Another thing we noticed was the absence of jipping. Users searching for greater blade control for finer jobs may encounter this problem.

Finally, we wish the sheath was more durable. Please understand me. It’s not fragile at all. However, in terms of overall quality, it is just average.

The Schrade SCHKM1 is a full-featured survival machete kit for high-impact, severe usage. It can’t replace an ax, but it’s beautiful for chopping down small trees and starting a fire. It also strikes the proper balance between price and performance. In summary, this machete will always be there for you regarding survival duties.

Best Camp Machete

Tramontina Machete

This Tramontina machete has a basic yet functional design. The truth is that it will not win any accolades for its appearance. However, it provides good functionality at a low cost.

This machete’s design is essential. It boasts an 18-inch-long 1070 carbon steel blade ideal for chopping branches and cutting through shrubs. 

The comparatively tiny blade may not inspire confidence at first look. However, the metal’s strength and hardness are outstanding. To be sure, it’s not designed to cut through heavy branches or chop timber. However, it is strong enough to handle up to 1.5 inches thick components.

Furthermore, the blade has a complete tang. As a result, you can anticipate it to last a long time. According to long-term users, steel has excellent edge retention.

However, the edge isn’t razor sharp right out of the box. Before utilizing the blade, it must be sharpened.

What about the grip?

The hardwood handle has an excellent polish. However, it is not ergonomically sound, and there is a risk of sliding if your hands are moist. A lanyard hole would have been a nice touch.

However, the wooden grip may be customized if desired.

This is a long machete, measuring 23 inches overall. It does, however, weigh less than half a pound. As a result, using it for extended periods will not tire your hand.

To summarize, the Tramontina machete provides more value than you pay for. It’s hardly a heavy-duty instrument, but it’s hard to beat as a lightweight camp machete.

Editors’ Pick

Cold Steel Kukri Machete

Cold Steel Kukri Machete

When it comes to camping machetes, the correct weight-to-durability ratio is critical. With a weight of 16 ounces and a sturdy structure, the Cold Steel Kukri is ideal in this aspect.

Simply said, it isn’t too hefty to contribute significantly to the weight of your bag. But it’s weighty enough to feel substantial and lend enough strength to the chopping motion.

Its 13-inch blade makes it ideal for clearing shrubs and pruning trees. The curved blade of the Kukri design allows for deep and powerful cuts. This makes it an excellent self-defense weapon.

Furthermore, the size is ideal for keeping it inside a backpack.

Cold Steel’s blade is made of 1055 carbon steel with a black anti-rust finish. The blade isn’t razor sharp right out of the box. A little sharpening would improve overall cutting capacity.

The weight of the blade is evenly distributed. It provides excellent stability during heavy cutting activities. Long-term users have also commented on the blade’s remarkable edge retention.

This machete is built to last and will be your outdoor buddy for many years.

The polypropylene handle provides a secure grip. Is it, however, suitable for long-term use?

Not quite.

The plastic construction could be better for stress absorption. Cold Steel could have included some rubber material to increase the grip after severe usage.

The Cor-Ex sheath is sturdy; however, some users may object to using many buttons.

Given the pricing, the Cold Steel Kukri machete represents outstanding value and considerable cutting power. If you’re looking for a workhorse for camping excursions, this is the one to choose.

Best Machete for Brush Removal

SOGfari Machete

SOGfari Machete

When navigating thick undergrowth, you’ll need some significant cutting power. The SOG machete has an 18-inch blade of steel that is ideal for clearing paths and chopping through bush.

Is the blade strong enough to handle complex tasks?

Sure, it is!

SOG utilized 3CR13 steel with a black powder coating to increase durability. The blade’s thickness is just 0.08 inch. Nonetheless, this is a blade on which you may rely in a survival emergency.

Aside from that, 3CR13 steel offers excellent edge retention and is simple to sharpen.

The blade is tough enough for rigorous usage, and the sharp tip works well as a puncturing instrument. Furthermore, the edge is sufficiently sharp straight out of the box. So, cleaning shrubs or cutting tiny branches is okay with this equipment.

Another benefit is the saw tooth edge, which improves cutting motion. However, the machete has a double-sided blade, so it cannot be used for batoning.

Despite its 24-inch total length, the product weighs a little under 16 ounces. The nylon sheath is well-made and has a hook and loop closing.

SOG has also done an excellent job creating the handle. It’s comprised of a combination of plastic and synthetic rubber. Not only does this minimize slipping, but it also enhances heat and chemical resistance. A lanyard hole is also included at the base of the handle.

The saw blades, on the other hand, could be sharper. Cutting wood requires some additional effort.

Please remember that this is not a heavy-duty blade for cutting hardwood. As a result, there may be better choices than putting it on thick branches.

This machete is a terrific combination of rugged appearance and decent performance.

Best Self-Defense Machete

Gerber Gear Broadcut Machete

Gerber has built a great name in the cutting tool business, and the Broadcast machete is one of its best-selling items.

The machete is fantastic self-defense equipment since it has a threatening appearance and a lengthy reach.

The Broadcast excels in each of these areas. The straight-edge stainless steel blade is 13.1 inches long and thick enough. The knife is quite sharp right out of the box.

Remember that the blade is curved. The swings have a distinct sensation from straight edges. The action, on the other hand, is fluent, and the weighty knife encourages confidence.

The rear end has a hook-cut notch. Most notably, the back end may be used as a blunt weapon. 

Furthermore, at 18 oz, it’s light enough to perform fast swings at the opponent. The overall balance is excellent.

Honestly, the blade on this machete isn’t designed for heavy lifting. However, as a general-purpose machete, it performs well.

It should be noted that the Broadcut does not come with a full-tang blade. The blade’s bottom part extends into the handle and is secured with two Allen wrenches—another reason to avoid using this blade for heavy-duty operations.

The rubberized handle is both fashionable and comfortable. It also comes with a safety lanyard, which is a bonus. Even if your palms are sweaty in a crucial circumstance, be confident they will not slide out of your hands.

The bottom line is…

This isn’t a dragon-slaying machete. However, this is the instrument for you if you need to protect yourself against people, wild animals, or snakes.

Best Wood Chopping Machete

Gerber Gear Gator Bolo Machete

Gerber Gear Gator Bolo Machete

The Bolo machete is the second Gerber product on our list for a reason. It’s one of the most excellent heavy-duty cutting devices on the market.

In truth, the Bolo’s robust and no-nonsense appearance instills confidence.

It has an entire tang blade with a robust design ideal for cutting wood. This isn’t a light machete, weighing in at 1.3 pounds. However, the heavy construction enables you to generate enough power during a chopping movement.

The 15.5-inch blade is composed of 1050 steel and can be sharpened easily. The bulge toward the front of the blade contributes to the overall cutting power.

The weight distribution and form of the blade vary from normal machetes. As a result, you may need some experience to use the tool properly. However, after you’ve gotten acclimated to the swing, 3 to 4-inch tree branches are no match for this beast.

The handle sports a textured Gerber Gator grip. This offers an excellent grip during the heaving cutting motion. 

Regarding ergonomics, it’s one of the most excellent machete handles we’ve ever used. Said, this is a machete that feels fantastic in your hands.

However, some long-term users have complained that the blade does not keep an edge effectively. The blade is also prone to rust development, particularly after usage in moist environments. According to experts, there are better options than 1050 steel for continuous outdoor use.

Bottom line: maintain this machete clean, dry, and lubricated to minimize rust buildup.

The machete comes with a nylon sheath with a D-rind from Gerber. The sheath’s design could be more spectacular, but it’s also okay.

The Gerber Bolo is one of many affordable products on the market. However, it performs well when it comes to cutting wood.

Finale Thoughts

This takes us to the conclusion of our survival machetes review.

To assist you in selecting the finest survival machetes, we have compiled a list of the best items and detailed shopping advice.

Our decisions are based on the results of our team’s experiments and input from long-term users. You may choose any of these machetes and always keep them in your bug-out truck or on your person.

A high-quality survival machete is an excellent weapon for beating the odds and remaining alive when all hell breaks free. It is essential for your survival pack.